About Us

BRANDT iHammer is a joint venture between BRANDT, Inc. and iHammer LLC that was formed in 2014. The company is dedicated to the discovery and development of unique plant health technologies that optimize plant photosynthesis and respiration, as well as, nutrient utilization.

Our Story

In 2004, Mike McBride and Dr. Arthur Nonomura founded iHammer LLC. Mike brought over 25 years of golf course, landscape and turfgrass management experience. Arthur spent many years working as a top scientist at one of the world’s largest chemical companies; and for three decades, he collaborated with Prof. Andrew Benson, a world renowned biochemist and a leading expert in photosynthesis. Part of this research was the discovery of the ratios of specific primary, secondary and micronutrients that plants needed to build out protein architectures and reach their full potential.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mike and Arthur used their combined talents to develop a unique set of nutrition products for the turf and ornamental market that is now used on many notable golf courses throughout the U.S.

Today, BRANDT iHammer continues to advance scientific and plant health concepts, and develop new plant health products for the turf, agriculture and lawn and garden markets that will enhance plant quality, productivity and yield.