Clear Advantage®

Builds vibrant crops for optimal quality and marketability

CLEAR ADVANTAGE is a liquid foliar fertilizer that builds vigorous crops. It supplies the right amount of macro and micronutrients for optimal plant quality and yield.


  • Nutrients are stable, readily available for plant uptake
  • Majors and micronutrients build plant proteins, which improves plant metabolism, strength and vigor
  • Formulation stays suspended in tank mix for even, no fuss applications
  • Builds strong root systems and strong standing turf
  • Low application rate
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides and adjuvants

Application Rates and Use

CLEAR ADVANTAGE is recommended for use on, but not limited to, vegetable and row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus, avocados, vine and berry crops, pasture, range grasses and most other crops to help promote robust root and turf growth. It is compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides and adjuvants. For more information, read full application instructions. Always perform jar test before use.

Foliar Applications: Apply 2-10 quarts per acre by ground or 1-4 quarts per acre by air as needed. Common application timings include early vegetative stages and at pre-bloom/bloom and pod fill stages.

Soil Applications: Apply 4-8 quarts per acre. Multiple applications are recommended for best results.